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Hello friend! Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to “meet” you! Please take a minute to share a little about yourself below in the comments! Here’s a little about me and what I do here in the blog world:

I’m an everyday mom walking by faith in this messy journey of life. I love a great cup of coffee, getting my hands dirty in the garden, and running a small homestead farm.

I am the wife to a great guy and a mother to four remarkable children. The biggest challenge of my career as a mom has been raising children who ask good questions…and they are deserving of good answers.  The hope I have in Jesus drives me to find out exactly what and why I believe what I say that I believe. Amidst difficult life circumstances, explaining faith issues can be daunting.

I LOVE I Peter 3:15, where Peter tells us to “…always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have…” Peter is not charging us to defend our faith about topics we do not understand or have a capacity to grasp, but to offer reasons as to why we believe the hope we have.

The quest to find words explaining the reason for my hope in Jesus Christ has at times been exhausting, but I have never walked away unfulfilled when I dig into God’s Word and come to a long-sought-after conclusion.  I invite you to join me in exploring the reasons why you believe what you believe about your hope in Jesus Christ.

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  1. Congrats on your blog! I’m excited to follow you on this journey, Sheila. You are a talented writer, have wonderful insight to share with us, and a faithful friend!

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